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> I am trying to port PhantomJS 2.0.1 to IBM PPC64LE platform. PhantomJS
> uses qtwebkit version 153112 and I am facing a few crashes in the
> JavaScript interpreter code. I was directed to this forum by PhantomJS
> developers to get help/insight about the interpreter.

That WebKit revision is more than two years old:

Requesting this forum admins/contributors to confirm if this is the right
> forum to discuss JS interpreter issues, and is it mandatory to open a bug
> report in order to discuss it on this mailing list.

Can you reproduce the same interpreter crash on Mac or GTK+ if you built
trunk WebKit?  (You can export JSC_useJIT=0 in env to disable JIT)

If not, can reproduce the crash on Mac/GTK+ ports at r153112?  If you can,
you can probably binary search the revision that fixed the crash.

- R. Niwa

- R. Niwa
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