I'm currently trying to track a leak in our port of WebKit.  If left to soak in 
an automated test, looping over 100 websites, visiting each for 10 seconds, for 
an evening, I'm finding that memory usage goes up to well over a gigabyte 
(eventually crashing).  I know that a lot of things could remain cached but I'm 
calling code very similar to 
MemoryPressureHandler::releaseMemory(Critical::Yes, Synchronous::Yes) before 
checking the memory counters built into our application.  Manually trying to 
reproduce the leak, I find that many pages don't seem to exhibit any 
identifiable increase in memory when; starting from a simple page, clearing the 
cache, visiting the test page, returning to the simple page and finally 
clearing the cache.  I have identified some pages which seem to be causing a 
problem such as cnn.com, when visiting this page it appears I can expect to 
lose 100-500k.

Our current code is based off of 188436:
-Are there any known memory leaks that I should pick up a fix for? (I searched 
but nothing seemed relevant to the current code I have).
-Are there any tools or techniques that can be recommended for identifying a 
leak?  I've been improving our debug features of our memory system, but I've 
been unable to solidly identify where the memory is going.
-I have the WinCairo sample built at the same revision, are there any memory 
tools that can be used with it to identify if the leak exists there too?

Thanks for any suggestions

Chris Vienneau
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