Le 14/12/2015 19:39, Zalan Bujtas a écrit :
> It’s great to hear that MathML is getting some proper cleanup. I think the 
> proposal sounds good and I am looking forward to the patches. 
> Minor observation: I noticed that, since MathML block is no longer a flexbox, 
> but it still needs some of the flexbox functionality, the following pattern 
> has been introduced to the generic renderbox/block code.     
> -    if (parent()->isFlexibleBox()) {
> +    if (parent()->isFlexibleBox() || parent()->isRenderMathMLBlock()) {
> I just wish there was another way to handle this.
> Zalan.
Alex will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the changes in RenderBox
are just a temporary solution to avoid breaking tests while we continue
to rewrite the MathML layout code. Hopefully, these won't be needed
anymore when we are done.

Frédéric Wang

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