Hey all,

As we mentioned during the contributors meeting we want to work towards 
fleshing out the PAL library. We have the cycles to really start rolling on it 
but are hitting some issues we wanted to run by the community.

Currently the obvious stuff to move over into PAL, network, graphics and text, 
has dependencies on some non-obvious stuff, such as FileSystem. We've also hit 
a couple cases, UUID and CPUTime, where they ended up moving into WTF while we 
were moving things into PAL.

We wanted to get the opinion of the community about a strategy going forward so 
we can get rolling on everything and land some patches. It would be good to 
identify any sort of general criteria for what goes in WTF and what goes into 

At the moment I'm debating whether FileSystem and its related classes should go 
into WTF or PAL and am leaning more towards WTF at the moment so maybe that's 
something worth discussing.

Thanks for any feedback!
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