Hi all,
As many others working in advertising companies I've been following very 
closely the announcement of Intelligent Tracking Prevention in the upcoming 
Safari 11. I wanted to get your thoughts about aligning the browser with the 
rest of the iOS platform: instead of relying on cookies, how about making the 
IDFA available in the browser ?
I see many advantages to this solution:
- It offers simple and global privacy controls to the user, on par with the iOS 
app ecosystem:
        - Users may reset their ID at any time from their phone
        - They can also easily completely opt out of personalized advertising
- It removes the need for "cookie matching" between advertisers and publishers 
on the web, which is responsible today for a big share of the network overhead
Is that something that Apple would consider aligned with the way they want to 
put users in control of their privacy ?
I'd be happy to open a bug and post a patch if it helps the conversation 
(especially what should be done in private mode and/or if the users activate 
the DNT option).

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