Hi all,

I have a simple question about the license text included in each source file.

My understanding is that if a non-Apple contributor adds a new file, their 
affiliation should only be reflected in the copyright line and NOT in the BSD 
license text itself (which reads "APPLE INC."), because the latter is a 
"per-file copy of a project-wide license". Could someone confirm whether or not 
this is correct?

I believe this is what's implied by "preferred license text" at 
https://webkit.org/contributing-code/#develop-your-changes, but it's not 100% 
spelled out.
I do see a handful of exceptions in the codebase, where "THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER" 
or "GOOGLE INC." or "UNIVERSITY OF SZEGED" is used instead, but the vast 
majority of files are in alignment.

(Incidentally, it looks like we also need to update the paragraph I linked to 
reflect the WebKitLegacy move.)

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