python2 end of life is January 1, 2020. But even before then, we'll need to make WebKit work in environments without python2 available, because it's not going to be present in the next Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SUSE Linux Enterprise, and its fate in community distros like Fedora (where it is being orphaned by the maintainers, and at risk of removal) is looking questionable at best.

So we have basically two options:

* Require python3 and port our python scripts from python2 to python3
* Make our scripts support both major versions of python simultaneously

The later would be quite a pain, because developers using python2 are sure to break developers using python3, and vice-versia. But my understanding is that python3 is not readily-available on Macs, so that might be what we need to do if Apple wants to stick with python2. Thoughts on this?

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