Until iOS 11.3, User-Agent build data contained the build that corresponds to the device (e.g. Mobile/15D100 if the requesting device was running iOS 11.2.6).
Since iOS 11.3 was released I noticed that the User-Agent that is reported to the brower is reporting a bogus build, i.e Mobile/15E148, regardless to the iOS version that the requesting device is running. I would expect that a device that runs 11.3 will reprot a different User-Agent than a device that runs 11.3.1 and certianly than a device that runs 11.4 (Beta 1 & 2).
I just wonder if my observation is an expected behavior, and if so, what is the intention behind it. If this behavior is not intended and expected, I would love to research it and propose a patch (would be my first Open Source contribution).
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