properties and values to
control layout
through logical, rather than physical, direction and dimension mappings.
I have been working on implementing this in Blink, now I'm starting with
Various properties are already supported but using non-standard names
with a -webkit-
prefix. The standard properties have already been shipped in Firefox and
Blink, so
I will start with implementing them and converting the prefixed ones
into aliases.
This will happen in, the
specific list
of properties is:
 * margin-{block,inline}-{start,end}
 * padding-{block,inline}-{start,end}
 * border-{block,inline}-{start,end}
 * border-{block,inline}-{start,end}-{width,style,color}
 * {block,inline}-size
 * {min,max}-{block,inline}-size
See Blink's Intent to Ship:!topic/blink-dev/tkN-r119eNc
After this I willcontinue withthe remaining flow-relative box model
properties and the
flow-relative values for existing properties:
 * margin-{block,inline}
 * padding-{block,inline}
 * border-{block,inline}
 * border-{block,inline}-{width,style,color}
 * float: inline-{start,end}
 * clear: inline-{start,end}
 * resize: {block,inline}
This will be behind an experimentalflag, like it's being done in Blink.
Firefox shipped some.
See Blink's Intent to Implement:
I would like to get your feedback and comments about this topic, if you
are fine with the plan
we will start to land patches next week.
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