> On 13 Sep 2018, at 08:05, Ali Juma <aj...@chromium.org> wrote:
> Is there a plan for how to handle web platform tests (where we can't add such 
> a header)?
> Currently, WebKitTestRunner enables all experimental features in tests 
> (including those disabled by default), so adding an experimental feature 
> (even one that's disabled by default) is a convenient way to get web platform 
> test coverage for the feature. If WebKitTestRunner will no longer do that, 
> we'll need some other way to keep these tests running.

I thought about this. I see three options:

1. Continue to enable all experimental features in testing. The downside is 
that we're testing something different to what we ship.

2. Have the default value only apply to testing, not to shipping. For Internal 
Features, instead of enabling them all, I had them revert to their default 

3. Have some way to add the headers after importing the WPT test.

For now, I added headers to the WPT code, because there already were a bunch of 
tests that had such headers.


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