Hi all,

Right now MSVC based ports are still using C++17. We wanted to open up the 
discussion on some questions that were raised internally regarding the state of 
C++17 and MSVC.
1. Should MSVC continue using C++17 or switch back to C++14 for consistency 
with other ports?
The main concern to continue using C++17 was with Windows developers 
inadvertently relying on C++17 features when working in shared code.
I'm not sure how big of a concern that is given that EWS should ideally catch 
it and I don't believe it has been an issue so far.
This also raises the question of how far away other ports are from switching 
back to C++17.

2. If MSVC should continue using C++17, is it safe to go forward using C++17 
features in code only touching Windows ports?
Looking at the current state of C++17 on other ports, it seems a bit concerning 
to go forward with C++17 features.

- Chris
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