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>> wtf/unicode/UTF8.h is conflicting with ICU header in MSVC builds. I'd like 
>> to rename wtf/unicode/UTF8.h to wtf/unicode/WTFUTF8.h.
>> Any suggestion?
> What about Unicode.h or UnicodeHelpers.h? UTF8.h deals with UTF16 as well

While I don’t love other of those names, I do like the idea of avoiding awkward 
“WTF” in the filename.

I don’t think it’s right to say “deals with UTF16”; this header contains only 
functions about dealing with UTF-8 and converting UTF-8 to and from other 
encodings (and yet those other encoding include UTF-16).

With a few seconds thought I am thinking that maybe UTF8Conversion.h or 
UTF8Transcoding.h are possible better ideas for new names. Neither is 
completely accurate. If we were going to add the word “helpers” than I would 
say UTF8Helpers.h, but I really don’t like those kinds of word in header names 
(“utilities”, “helpers”, “functions”, “classes”).

A separate issue once we rename: the header is also pretty old and crufty. 
Eventually we might want to remove or refine the functions in here. Not sure 
how widely they are used.

— Darin
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