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>>>>> On Dec 14, 2018, at 1:37 PM, Chris Dumez <cdu...@apple.com 
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>>>>> As far as I know, our convention in WebKit so far for our types has been 
>>>>> that types getting moved-out are left in a valid “empty” state.
> This is not necessarily true.  When we move out of an object to pass into a 
> function parameter, for example, the state of the moved-from object depends 
> on the behavior of the callee.  If the callee function uses the object, we 
> often have behavior that leaves the object in an “empty” state of some kind, 
> but we are definitely relying on fragile undefined behavior when we do so 
> because changing the callee to not use the parameter changes the state of the 
> caller.  We should never assume that WTFMove or std::move leaves the object 
> in an empty state.  That is always a bug that needs to be replaced by 
> std::exchange.

Feel like we’re taking about different things. I am talking about move 
constructors (and assignment operators), which have a well defined behavior in 
WebKit. And it seems you are talking about WTFMove(), which despite the name 
does not “move” anything, it is merely a cast.
In the case you’re talking about the caller does NOT call the move constructor, 
it merely does a cast so I do not think your comment invalidates my statement. 
Note that in my patch, I was nearly WTFMove()ing the data member and assigning 
it to a local variable right away, calling the move constructor.

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