Hi WebKittens,

Since taking over development of the WinCairo port we've made a lot of good 
progress with enabling Modern WebKit on Windows. Because of that we plan on 
beginning to remove support of WebKitLegacy on the WinCairo port and switch to 
a fully Modern WebKit implementation. This will enable us to use new web 
features such as Service Workers which are unavailable through WebKitLegacy.

In the near future we plan on moving our bots to using WebKitTestRunner for 
testing WinCairo. After that is completed we will be working on removing 
WebKitLegacy from the WinCairo build. I've made a tracking bug at 
https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=194904 for the work around this plan 
and we will update it as work continues towards this goal. If you are using 
WinCairo in your product we ask that you subscribe to that bug and engage with 
us there.

Sony WebKit Team
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