25.02.2019, 14:06, "Rajagopalan Gangadharan" <g.raju2...@gmail.com>:
> Hello,
> I am trying to build webkit for haiku and I stumbled upon an error
> The error is in “Source\WebKit\UIProcess\WebsiteData\WebsiteDataStore.cpp” 
> line 2080 says about missing platformSetNetworkParameters function and I saw 
> it was defined for CURL and SOUP only. Should I use the function defined 
> under them or should I write it to be haiku specific(platform specific) if so 
> what should be the contents of it. Thank you!

It depends on how your network stack works. In order to reduce maintainance cost
you should consider using network stack supported by upstream, i.e. soup or curl

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