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The underlying Cocoa os_log facility

Yeah this is really interesting too. RELEASE_LOG is Cocoa-specific, because it's only backed by os_log. So when you change debug LOGs to RELEASE_LOG, you're removing the logging for other platforms. I wonder if we should change that.

is able to greatly compress the logs stored in memory and on disk, as well as get corresponding performance benefits, by taking advantage of the fact that the formatting string is a literal that can be found in the executable’s binary image. When you log with a particular formatting string, that string is not included in the log archive, but a reference to it is. In the case that Michael gives, a reference to the big formatting string is stored along with the pointer, the unsigned long long, and the integer. In the above example, a reference to “%s” is stored, along with the fully-formatted string. This latter approach takes up a lot more memory.



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