The ability to toggle unified builds on and off was enabled in . Immediately afterwards this 
bug was opened which needs to 
get resolved. We're open to adding a bot with ENABLE_UNIFIED_BUILDS=OFF if 
things compile.

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We already had this discussion; see the thread titled "Unified sources have 
broken our #include hygiene"

On Mar 19, 2019, at 3:48 PM, Said Abou-Hallawa 
<<>> wrote:

I have been working on patches that require adding and removing cpp files from 
WebCore/Sources.txt. Almost every time I add or remove a file, I hit undefined 
symbol compilation error in some unrelated source or header file. Because a 
group of source files are compiled in one unified source file, some 
dependencies get hidden.  The same symbol is defined in another source or 
header file. Once sources are moved to different unified sources, the problem 
gets uncovered.

For example the file svg/graphics/filters/filters/SVGFEImage.h uses the class 
TreeScope without forward declaring it or including its header file. Oddly the 
source file svg/graphics/filters/filters/SVGFEImage.cpp compiles in the trunk 
right now. If a file is added to or removed from WebCore/Sources.txt such that 
this source is moved to another unified source, the compiler will give an error 
that TreeScope is not defined.

Another example is <> which fixes a 
compilation error on GTK port. The same file was compiling fine on macOS but it 
failed on GTK.

Can we fix this issue? The fixes for such errors look very mysterious in the 
patches. It can also cause build breaks because the ports do not compile the 
same files.

One naive solution is to have the EWS bots compile without the unified source 
builds. In this case, all the header and source files must have the required 
forward declaration and/or the header file inclusion. So adding or removing 
files should not affect the ability to compile any other source file.


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