Hello everybody

As you guys know we have been working on porting webkit2 to haiku.

So we have a working IPC, network process and minibrowser configured to
test the api.
Now the most important part is to get it rendering. Currently we would like
to use coordinated graphics to acheive the same as it helps us to figure
out which would be better for our platform and also to make sure all other
things are in place. It would be helpful if you guys take time to clarify
my queries :)

1) How does this coordinated graphics model work ( i read the trac still i
couldnt get a good hold of it)
->i couldnt get the flow right im just confused
2) Which part of webprocess instructs or stores info about drawing onto to
a sharable bitmap.
->where does the info regarding a layer is being parsed and created( I know
it is webcore but where is it linked with webprocess)
3) What does a backing store , layer tree do?
->Is like backing store is where the sharable bitmap is created which is
being passed onto uiprocess and layer tree stores info of each layer which
then is being composited?
4) What are the important places i need to take care(in code) like eg.
PageClient,DrawingAreaCoordinatedGraphics etc.
->I actually found my drawing area couldnt start drawing because the
drawing area size was empty so I may have missed lot of implementation
details it would help if you guys could point me to
required places that are required.

Thank you for the time :)

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