Hi Everyone,

I have been making number of improvements to EWS. I also have various planned 
improvements to EWS. I wanted to reach out to you guys to see if anyone wants 
me to prioritize any particular improvement(s). If there is any improvement 
which you want to see and is not listed below, please feel free to let me know. 
Also most of the queues have been transitioned from old to new EWS and I am 
working on the remaining ones (jsc, windows and commit-queue).

Here is the list of improvements (in no particular order):

1) Develop a webpage showing summary of EWS builds for a patch. This page would 
provide the summary of important build-steps, high-level details about the 
failure (e.g.: name of the tests which failed, or possibly relevant build 
failure logs), and include link(s) to the Buildbot page(s). This page will open 
on clicking the status-bubbles (and would be replacement of old EWS status page 
like https://webkit-queues.webkit.org/patch/379563/win-ews 
<https://webkit-queues.webkit.org/patch/379563/win-ews>). Currently clicking 
the status-bubble opens the Buildbot build page, which contains a lot of 
infrastructure details, and probably is information-overload for many 
engineers, so this summary page should help with that. 
https://webkit.org/b/197522 <https://webkit.org/b/197522>

2) Redesign status-bubble tooltip to include more detailed information about 
failures (e.g.: each test failure name along-with url to flakiness dashboard, 
and url to complete results.html file, as suggested by David Kilzer in 
<https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2019-September/030799.html>). We 
should also add the tooltip support for iPad/iPhone https://webkit.org/b/201940 

3) Add a way to retry a patch in EWS. This would allow engineers to confirm 
that the failures indicated by EWS aren't flaky/incorrect. Maybe a good place 
to add the 'retry' button would be the status-bubble's tool-tip (visible only 
if the bubble is red) https://webkit.org/b/196599 <https://webkit.org/b/196599>

4) Parse the relevant build failure message from build logs (and display in 
summary page) https://webkit.org/b/201941 <https://webkit.org/b/201941>

5) Style failure should be displayed in-line on the review page along-with the 
code, just like the reviewer's comments https://webkit.org/b/202252 

6) Add more test-suites to EWS (e.g.: LLDB tests, resultsdbpy tests) 
https://webkit.org/b/189206 <https://webkit.org/b/189206>, 
https://webkit.org/b/201928 <https://webkit.org/b/201928>

7) Add commit-queue support for security bugs https://webkit.org/b/201939 

8) API tests should upload crashlogs https://webkit.org/b/201929 

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