Apologies, it seems I spread some misinformation about CSS background lazy loading, which Scott rectified.

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Yet another possible task is making lazy loading work for CSS backgrounds, this 
is implemented in the prototype but I don't think there are many tests for it.
Is there a way for content authors to opt in/out (depending on the default), or 
does this just always follow what the default lazy loading setting is?
 From reading the chromium code, it seems to use a combination of feature 
policy and the loading attribute to decide whether to enable CSS backgrounds 
lazy loading or not. Hopefully a chromium developer can confirm.
- I couldn’t find a spec for a lazy loading feature policy either, and the 
Chrome Platform Status page for it gives the status as “removed”[2] so this too 
might be a nonstandard thing. Or maybe there is a newer  (Doesn’t look like the 
feature policy aspect is in your patch though.)
The prototype was done in February. I think Youenn was starting implementation of feature policy at the same time or maybe later. Then later I did not really touch CSS background lazy loading again, since there were a lot of other issues instead to address, one of them being the spec was changing over time. Will be happy with addressing it now, though I am not sure how impactful it will be for users compared to lazy image loading.
I hope I am not being too nitpicky. I do think this is a great feature. I just 
want to make sure we’re cautious about the line between implementing 
standards-track stuff vs copying things from Chromium that are nonstandard or 
unspecified (so far).




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