I'd like to land a patch to support finding test references via <link 

There has been some discussion about this in the past:

But I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. As that mail states:
> *Link element approach*
> Pros:
>    - Can reuse same ref. file for multiple tests
Still true.
>    - Can have multiple ref. files for single test
True but no something that we support, and I haven't see any WPT use this (our 
importer throws an error if it sees this)
>    - Information is self-contained in the test file
Still true
>    - We may get away with test suite build step
It certainly simplifies WPT test import.
Currently importing some CSS suites (e.g. css-backgrounds) results in broken 
-expected.html files because copying them breaks references to sub resources.
> (It turns out that we can't convert W3C ref tests to use WebKit conventions
> due to the first two points.)
We're doing this much more now, and the "multiple references" point is moot, so 
I think we can import WPT tests mostly as-is.
> Cons:
>    - Requires us modifying each port's DRT to support this format
No, it just requires webkitpy hacking which I've done in the patch.
>    - Adding link elements itself may affect tests (all W3C tests are
>    required to have link elements at the moment)
I haven't seen this be an issue.
>    - Hard to understand relationship between files. e.g. if we want to
>    figure out which tests use ref.html, we must look at all test files
This is true, but I don't really see it being a problem in practice. What I 
have seen is us importing CSS 2.1 tests that have foo.html and foo-ref.html, 
and treating foo-ref.html as a test so generating foo-expected.txt and 
foo-ref-expected.txt. That seems worse.
>    - Other browser vendors (Firefox and Opera) prefer manifest file approach
This is no longer true. "reftest.list" files are deprecated 
(webkit.org/b/203783, https://github.com/web-platform-tests/wpt/issues/20060 
So now that WPT is heavily invested in <link rel=> I think we should follow 
suite. It will simplify WPT import, and reduced the number of cloned 
-expected.html files significantly.

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