Dear Non-Apple ports,

Running Flash has been more difficult over the past few years as part of a 
(semi-) coordinated effort by browsers and Adobe. The plan is to remove support 
for Flash + NPAPI by the end of this year. See the links below. 

I'd like to remove our NPAPI code soon, but I want to make sure the other ports 
are ok with this. Please speak up if you have a reason to keep it in.

[Note that we will still have some plugin code e.g. our internal PDFPlugin, 
just no support for externally installed plugins]


* Adobe's end of life for Flash -
* Chrome removing Flash support by end of 2020 -
* Google removing support for Flash by end of 2020 -
* Mozilla removing NPAPI by end of 2020 -
* Mozilla only uses NPAPI for Flash -

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