Not speaking for all of WebKit, and definitely not all of Apple, but I think 
this seems like a good idea.

I'm not sure I get the distinction between app badges and document badges 
though. I'd also like to see some specification text describing how the browser 
should ignore multiple set/clear operations executed in rapid succession (e.g. 
to create a blinking badge) - maybe the limit is one badge operation per minute 
or something?

Also, given that the main use case for this would be alerting the user to a 
notification, it seems like it should be able to link it directly to that. This 
would provide the ability for a push notification to trigger the badge without 
ever firing up the page context.


> On 19 Jan 2020, at 4:26 pm, Matt Giuca <> wrote:
> Hi WebKit team,
> I have previously proposed the Badging API ( 
> <>) to provide websites with a mechanism to 
> set a badge (a small dot or number) on the current document's tab, or for 
> installed applications, on the app icon in the system shelf or home screen.
> Would WebKit / Safari be interested in implementing the API now or in the 
> future?
> We are planning to ship in Chromium soon:
> <>
> Regards
> Matt Giuca
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