Hi folks,

I’m happy to announce that we have launched a #WebKit workspace for 
collaboration on Slack. All developers and contributors to WebKit are invited 
to join and participate.

The #WebKit workspace on Slack is available at:
https://webkit.slack.com <https://webkit.slack.com/>

You’ll need an invitation to participate. If you’ve contributed a patch in the 
last couple of years, you’re likely to have already received a direct 
invitation by email to the address(es) you used for your contributions.

If you’re just getting started with contributing, you can find a short guide to 
contributing and information on joining our Slack channels in the "Staying in 
Touch" section of the Getting Started page available at:
https://webkit.org/getting-started/ <https://webkit.org/getting-started/>

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about our Slack workspace or 
encounter problems joining. Happy contributing!

— Jon Davis

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