Hi Everyone,

Many of you might have noticed that ios-wk2 EWS queue has been slow for a while 
now. This is primarily due to the layout test 
fast/hidpi/image-srcset-relative-svg-canvas-2x.html being extremely flaky on 
EWS. Sometimes this also results in false positive, causing EWS to think that 
the patch being tested broke this test (please ignore that false positive for 

We tried to skip this test, but that caused subsequent test to fail. This is 
because some previous test is changing the state in a manner which causes this 
(or similar) test to fail. We are looking into identifying the bad test and fix 
the root-cause, but it seems like it might take a while to get that fixed. I'll 
let you know once it's fixed.

Tracked in https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=206993 and 

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