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> Hi all,
> For several years now, Xcode has included two build systems: the “legacy” 
> build system and the newer “XCBuild” system (see, for example, 
> <https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2018/408/> and 
> <https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2018/415>, as well as 
> <https://medium.com/xcblog/xcode-new-build-system-for-speedy-swift-builds-c39ea6596e17>
>  and 
> <https://medium.com/xcblog/five-things-you-must-know-about-xcode-10-new-build-system-41676cd5fd6c>).
> WebKit is finally in a position to move to the new build system. However, 
> this switch is not without consequences. In particular, WebKit has a 
> complicated build process and requires new XCBuild features only found in 
> Xcode 11.4. If you build from within the IDE, you will need Xcode 11.4 or 
> later. Pre-releases have been available for some time on developer.apple.com, 
> but the final version of Xcode 11.4 was posted to the Mac App Store last week 
> on March 24, 2020.

Out of curiosity, what will be the benefits brought by XCBuild for
WebKit developers? (sorry for asking but I don't have time to watch the
videos and skimming over the blog post, it seems it's mostly performance
improvement for swift compilation?)

> When building from the command line, the conditions are less strict. By 
> default, builds are performed with XCBuild if the `build-webkit` script or 
> the makefiles detect that Xcode 11.4 or later is installed. If not, builds 
> are performed with the legacy build system. We can be flexible here because 
> the build process is controlled by these scripts and makefiles, allowing the 
> build process to determine the Xcode version before invoking `xcodebuild`. 
> There is no such opportunity when building within the Xcode IDE, and so the 
> build requirements are stricter.
> I’ve made the changes to switch over to XCBuild but I haven’t yet posted 
> them. I want to first find out if this move will cause any issues for 
> developers who — for whatever reason — need to stay on old versions of Xcode. 
> If so, please let me know.
So I'm not sure I understand but concretely, am I already using the new
system if I use the build-script, I've upgraded to XCode 11.4 and
rebuilt WebKit from scratch? How can I know which build system I'm using?

Or do you mean you have a patch for WebKit that is pending to land? If
so, what's the bug number?


Frédéric Wang

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