hello webkit-devI am a newcomer to webkit。 And I had followed to download a 
copy of source code as https://webkit.org/webkit-on-windows/  and  made a build 
of vs 2019、and then compiled the source code and got a executable 
file(minibrowser.exe)、but got a error (minibrowserlib.dll is not a valid win32 
application) while running minibrowser.exe.With Tool depends I found that 
minibrowserlib.dll lacked  more than 100 dll files whose name beginning with 
api-ms-win-core or  API-MS-WIN-SHCORE or EXT-MS-WIN。  
The things I had done are as the follow:1、install vs 2019 community 
edition2、install ActiveState Perl3、install ActiveState Python4、install 
Ruby5、install Bison6、install Gperf7、install Flex8、install CMake9、install 
Git10、install safari11、git clone git://git.webkit.org/WebKit.git12、perl 
update-webkit13、perl build-webkit --debug --no-ninja    //I had comment the 
code related to check whether local code is the latest 14、compile the source 
with vs 2019
My computer enviroments is as follow:1、win102、windows sdk 10.0.19041.13、visual 
studio 2019 component related C++
Can anyone give me some advice ? Thanks a lot。
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