Hi WebKit-dev,

We would like to ask for WebKit's early position on Storage Buckets API.
Storage Buckets API grants sites the ability to create multiple storage
buckets[1], where the user agent may choose to delete each bucket
independently of other buckets. By contrast, today's user agents have a
binary choice of either persisting or deleting all the data stored by a
site. Chrome is preparing to prototype.

Early discussions of Storage Buckets API have been held at TPAC 2019
attended by Youenn from the WebKit team. Notes from this discussion have
been linked below.

Relevant links:

* Explainer:
* TPAC 2019 Discussion:
* ChromeStatus: https://chromestatus.com/feature/5739224579964928

[1] Storage Buckets: https://storage.spec.whatwg.org/#buckets

Thank you for your time!

- Ayu I.
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