This mail is mostly for WPE/GTK port developers. Feel free to skip if
you're not part of that group.

In r266455[0] the SDK build definitions were updated along with a major
upgrade to the FDO SDK version 20.08. Compared with 19.08, this new
version breaks ABI, that means applications built for 19.08 will not
work in 20.08 and need to be rebuilt. So if you are working with the
GTK and/or WPE ports and using the Flatpak SDK, you will need to remove
your local build directories after this patch lands:


Additionally, you will need to run `Tools/Scripts/update-webkitgtk-
libs` or `Tools/Scripts/update-webkitwpe-libs` so that version 0.3 is
locally installed on your workstation.

We plan to land this patch soon, during the early European morning, in
order to avoid major service disruption on the bots and EWS.


[0] https://trac.webkit.org/r266455

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