>> Monotonic Commit Identifiers
>> Of great interest to Apple?s engineers has been retaining some kind
>> of ordered tag we can use to refer to commits to make defending CI
>> and bisection easier. We?ve developed a scheme for this that assigns
>> commits an ordered identifier per-branch, outlined in?
>> https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/commit-identifiers 
>> <https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/commit-identifiers>, designed to be used
>> alongside git hashes. These identifiers can be used in our current
>> Subversion repository, and we would like to start using them before
>> the project has transitions to git.
> Have you seen how this was handled in LLVM?
> https://releases.llvm.org/9.0.0/docs/Proposals/GitHubMove.html#on-managing-revision-numbers-with-git
> <https://releases.llvm.org/9.0.0/docs/Proposals/GitHubMove.html#on-managing-revision-numbers-with-git>

We looked at LLVM and Chromium specifically, our approach is pretty similar to 
LLVM’s, but resets the canonical identifiers when branching from the default 

> Would you also consider preventing merge commits in order to keep a
> clean mainline branch?

Definitely going to be preventing merge commits, they end up breaking a lot, I 
neglected to mention them because I often (perhaps out of wishful thinking) 
forget they exist.


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