>> Hello Contributors,
>> To help reduce the number of dependencies WebKit?s tools have, I would
>> like to replace our PHP tests (and resources used by tests) with Python 3
>> CGI scripts. I?ve already attempted to convert a few dozen PHP tests and
>> resources to demonstrate that this is both possible and that the resulting
>> Python is comparable to the existing PHP. Additionally, as advertised in
>> Big Sur, PHP is only included for compatibility with legacy software and is
>> not recommended.
>> There are still a few issues to resolve (namely, an issue with Python 3 on
>> some of our Windows machines), in the mean time, I want to determine if
>> other platforms have any issues with replacing our PHP tests with Python 3.
>  BTW, after you finish the task, can we remove Python 2 supports from all
> Python scripts? Or, should we keep Python 2&3 support until Mojave support
> ends?

The biggest blocker for that right now is 
<https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=217680>>, which I’m actively working 
on. I’ll send out a message early next week soliciting a larger discussion 
about removing Python 2 support.

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