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> Thanks! I've replied there also.

The issue with the semantics of getInnerHTML is problematic enough that
we'd object to this feature as long as that's included in its current shape.

> How does one specify a declarative shadow root to use a specific custom
> > element registry?
> Well, I do see this as something that is better designed as part of the
> scoped custom element registry proposal. But the basic idea would be to
> just to add an attribute that allows the declarative shadow root to opt
> out of automatically using the global registry:
> <template shadowroot=open scoped-registry>
> and that would keep any custom elements contained within the shadow root
> from automatically upgrading based on the global registry. Maybe by just
> assigning an empty custom registry to that shadow root. We'll need to add
> an attribute to ShadowRoot, as part of the SCER proposal, to allow custom
> elements to then set the appropriate custom registry later.

That seems to indicate that none of the custom elements inside a
declarative shadow root can be upgraded until all its ancestor custom
elements which use a custom element registry have been upgraded. This would
make the declarative shadow DOM's perf benefit less attractive IMO.

- R. Niwa
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