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> A reminder about this common idiom:
> switch (...) {
> case Foo:
>     return ...;
> case Bar:
>     return ...;
> }
> When it's intended that the code always returns inside the switch
> statement, the RELEASE_ASSERT_NOT_REACHED() is required to avoid
> tripping GCC's -Wreturn-type. If you forget it, I or somebody else will
> wind up adding it later to avoid the warning. Clang does not warn here,
> and this is the most common type of warning I clean up, so please don't
> forget! :) This warning is useful in other situations, and it seems
> nicer to placate GCC than to disable it.
> I'll sneak in another reminder: "return WTFMove()" is almost always not
> needed. Clang warns only if the move prevents return value
> optimization, but GCC will always warn if it detects the move is
> unneeded.

Can we add a style checker rule to detect at least simple cases?

- R. Niwa
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