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>> On Apr 8, 2021, at 1:44 PM, Aakash Jain via webkit-dev 
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>> Hi Everyone,
>> I am happy to inform you that I have added a fast-commit-queue mode to the 
>> Commit-Queue. In this mode Commit-Queue would land patches quickly 
>> (typically taking ~1 minute, e.g.: 
>> https://ews-build.webkit.org/#/builders/28/builds/10876 
>> <https://ews-build.webkit.org/#/builders/28/builds/10876>). This mode skips 
>> building and testing. It basically does sanity check (like validating 
>> ChangeLog, Reviewer, Committer etc.) and commits the patch. This is intended 
>> to be used for scenarios where the patch is a build fix, urgent fix, quick 
>> typo/follow-up fix etc.
>> To use this mode, you can use the --fast-cq parameter while uploading the 
>> patch using webkit-patch command. e.g.: 'webkit-patch upload --fast-cq'. For 
>> patches which are already uploaded to Bugzilla, you can rename the patch (by 
>> clicking on 'Details' button for the patch), and prefix patch name with 
>> [fast-cq], e.g.: '[fast-cq] Patch for landing'.
> Thanks! Shouldn’t this be a parameter to the land-safely command though? It 
> feels strange that an upload puts the patch on the commit queue.
> Or maybe you’re saying upload --fast-cq only enables fast cq and someone 
> still has to mark it cq+ on Bugzilla?

That's correct. Someone still have to mark it cq+ on Bugzilla.

> If so, could we get a --fast-cq parameter for land-safely too, please?

Can you please file a Bugzilla bug about it (and cc me)? Although, it might be 
a while before I would be able to look into it.

>    Regards, John
>> Pro-tip: you can also rename the patch to include [fast-cq] prefix while 
>> marking the patch cq+, from patch 'Details' page, and this mode would work.
>> Please let me know if you have any questions/feedback.
>> Thanks
>> Aakash
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