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> Right now, our style checker disapproves of raw string literals, which were 
> introduced in C++11.  It complains with this message:
> Multi-line string ("...") found.  This lint script doesn't do well with such 
> strings, and may give bogus warnings.  They're ugly and unnecessary, and you 
> should use concatenation instead".
> https://webkit.org/code-style-guidelines/ 
> <https://webkit.org/code-style-guidelines/> says nothing on the subject.  I 
> find them quite useful and nice, especially with strings that contain lots of 
> quotation marks that would otherwise need escaping.  Would anyone oppose to 
> my changing our style checker to allow them if I ever get around to it?

Seems like the style checker complains in part because it doesn’t know how to 
properly parse such strings. With that fixed it seems ok to me to use that type 
of string.

 - Maciej

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