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> While we’re updating things, is there any objection to updating the
> minimum version of CMake required?  Right now it is 3.12, which was
> released in 2018.  Does anyone have any limitations we should consider
> when picking a new minimum version?


CMake is one of the core dependencies for GTK and WPE ports, so the
policy of dependencies applies [1]

In practical terms that means that we should support the version of
CMake shipped by Debian 10, which is CMake 3.13 until at least 2022-08-14.

However, If the purpose of raising the version is to take advantage of
the new Visual Studio generator then I don't think raising the minimum
version is needed.

As far as I know you can take advantage of newer CMake features (like
support for a newer generator) without needing to raise the minimum
version required.

So if you have a newer version of CMake you can simply pass the flag
-G"Visual Studio 17 2022" (or similar). Raising the minimum version
required of CMake is not needed to use a newer CMake generator, using it
can be made optional for those that want (and can) use it.

[1] https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKitGTK/DependenciesPolicy
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