Hi webkit-dev,

I’m working on fixing some ambiguities in our Xcode projects to permit adoption 
of Xcode’s new build system and better parallelize our builds. I noticed that 
WTF’s headers (/usr/lib/include/wtf) are atypical in that they aren’t copied 
into a single directory – they’re deeply nested and mirror the same directory 
hierarchy as exists in WTF’s sources.

Is this intentional, and if not, would there be opposition to me flattening 
them into a single directory? Flattening them makes it easier to explain to 
Xcode what headers go where, which is useful for tracking dependencies between 
targets and ensuring proper build order. Headers would still be in their same 
source locations (alongside implementation files) but would be copied to the 
top-level /usr/lib/include/wtf directory at build time.

The only other place in our projects [1] I’m aware of with deeply-nested 
headers is PAL, and there’s a bug to change that: 


[1]: libwebrtc also produces deeply-nested headers, but since it’s a 
third-party project, I don’t think our header conventions should apply.
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