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> Hey folks,
> We’re in the final stage of bringing up support for GitHub pull-requests.
> To support this effort, we’re starting to add labels to our project. We
> intend to use labels as a replacement for commit-queue flags and
> Product/Component/Version fields in bugzilla. Before our tools are too
> reliant on specific label names, we wanted to solicit feedback to see if
> folks had specific opinions on certain categories. Bellow I have some
> preliminary thoughts on what labels the project would find helpful:
> EWS and Merge-Queue labels:
> merge-queue (green): Applied to send a PR to merge-queue (equivalent of a
> modern cq+)
> fast-merge-queue (green): Applied to send a PR to merge-queue, but skip
> building and testing

I don't like "fast merge" because who doesn't want fast merging? It doesn't
convey why that's different from regular merge, or why using this option
may not be always desirable. I also don't think "queue" adds much
information about these flags.

So why not simply:

   - merge
   - untested-merge or testless-merge?

- R. Niwa
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