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> I believe this question belongs here. If not, please direct me
> somewhere else that may be more appropriate.
> I'm using an Android app, that MAY use WebKit for it's interactions.
> Regardless, the app owners aren't particularly helpful, and suggested
> this is an "Android", or perhaps "GBoard" issue. I found my way to
> this mailing list via Edge open-source licensing acknowledgements.


You can be confident it does not belong on this mailinglist. License
acknowledgements can be very deceiving.

Edge for example may acknowledge WebKit because its based on Chromium
which many many years ago was based on WebKit. This is
history and Edge has a completely different upstream than WebKit.

Anyway this has nothing to do with the application or any browser
engine; On Android you have an autofill service (which looks to be
configured to be Edge) which stores
this data. You can probably open Edge and delete it there or disable it
in system settings by searching for "Autofill service".

This is all very off topic but I hope it helped. Good luck.
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