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> I remember several years ago there was a configuration to run WebKit2
> without a network process, which was eventually removed.  Given the current
> work to make the GPU Process on more platforms, is there an agreement that
> eventually (like in a year or two or three) all platforms running WebKit
> should have a GPU Process?  It is a considerable security improvement, a
> lot of work is being done to support it, and I imagine there will come a
> point when we don’t want to support all the code and abstractions needed to
> have a configuration with a GPU Process and a configuration without, but to
> get there we would need consensus of some sort.

We are working on GPU process mode for WinCairo and PlayStation ports.
It's still in the experimental phase, and far from production quality.
It's too early to say OK to remove non-GPU process mode.
However, it should be our desired goal.

I'm wondering how much common code can be removed without removing WebKit1.
When will we remove WebKit1?
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