Hi floks,

The time has come for Apple to decommission our Legacy version of the WebKit on 
Windows, shifting focus to the WinCairo port as the Windows target. The Apple 
port has long been a feature-locked, Legacy WebKit library that is increasingly 
difficult to maintain, and that holds back the rest of the project.

Over the coming days (or hours!?!), we intend to take the following actions:
Decommission our trunk builders and EWS infrastructure for Apple's Windows port 
(though the WinCairo Windows port will continue to be maintained).
Remove the Legacy WebKit code for Windows (long a goal of the WinCairo project!)
Begin removing the Apple-specific Windows code in the rest of the code base.
Remove references to older versions of CoreFoundation and CFNetwork, only 
retained for Windows use.
Users interested in WebKit for Windows should focus on the WinCairo port, which 
is a modern WebKit implementation with full multi-process features.

I’m discussing with the other WinCairo developers to see if we should rename 
that port to just, “Windows” to simplify messaging and documentation.

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to improve our plan.

Best regards,

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