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>> One subtle thing is that even when a member variable is already Ref / RefPtr 
>> / CheckedRef / CheckedPtr, we must create another one in stack as seen here:
>> https://commits.webkit.org/267108@main
> (I asked rniwa to send this mail because this patch surprised me, so I hope 
> now we can chat about it).
> The scope of this rule, and the … lack of elegance … at so many callsites 
> worries me a bit. If it’s possible to automate enforcement, that might help 
> with part of the problem, but it’s also just really not very pretty, and I 
> wonder if someone can come up with some clever alternative solution before we 
> go too far down this path (not me!).
> Alternatively, it’s possible other people OK with this syntax/requirement and 
> I should just get over it. What do you all think?

I hope we can make this better by using a getter function that returns a 
CheckedPtr so instead of writing CheckedPtr { _page }, we would write page().

— Darin
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