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>> The reason I would like us to make enforce this rule is that I find it 
>> confusing. We have a lot of new comers in the project and I do not always 
>> know if a person is a reviewer or not yet. I imagine it may be even more 
>> confusing for non-Apple people.
>> I have in some cases not reviewed patches because I had seen the "green 
>> check” and thought the PR already had been approved.
> +1, if there is a green checkmark, then I assume that person is a reviewer. 
> It's really confusing when non-reviewers add the green checkmark.

FYI, my understanding is that the person gets a *green* checkmark when the 
person is present in contributors.json (common case), even if not marked as a 
reviewer in that file.
They get a *grey* checkmark when they’re not present in contributors.json (not 
common). Also, the difference between green and grey for this tiny checkmark is 
super subtle.

That said, most of the instances where I saw it happened was with a green 

Either way, I think non-reviewers should not approve/reject PR, just add 
comments to avoid confusion.
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