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I recently installed 2.18.6 here in Gentoo. Perhaps it's something with
the way I compiled it... I disabled all the available features, except
"jit" and "X". I wonder how to go about debugging this, since some of
the javascript (yuck) on the page still seems to be working, but none
of the "buttons" do anything -- not the "Forgot email?" thing, not the
"More options" thing, not the "Next" button -- although they do get
highlighted and interact visually.

Ahh, Gentoo... I would first try with the default feature set, since that's what all other distros use and the only configuration that's regularly tested. If you're lucky and that fixes the issue, then you can try to figure out which feature flag is responsible.

In theory, none of the public build flags should affect this, except *perhaps* ENABLE_OPENGL. Disabling that would disable 3D transforms, and perhaps that could cause the login page to not work. I would try again with that, at least, enabled.

And why would it look different in Qt's version of webkit? I tried
using the same useragent as that browser, but didn't get the same

QtWebKit is ancient. See the first half of [1] for information on QtWebKit.


[1] https://blogs.gnome.org/mcatanzaro/2016/02/01/on-webkit-security-updates/

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