Dear all,

I need to re-import an existing Weblate (v2.4) export generated by
"./ dumpdata" into another instance which has been set up from

Since the documentation does not contain any information whether it is
possible to directly re-import the output using a current version of
Weblate (i.e., v2.19), I thought the safest way would be to recreate a
v2.4 instance and then update that afterwards. However, for the life of
me, I cannot come up with a configuration of Python v2.7.x modules on an
Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) machine that would actually work after running
"pip install --upgrade -r requirements[-optional].txt".

Every single version of Django between v1.7 (current at the time when
Weblate v2.4 has been released) and v1.11 causes the initial
"./ migrate" (run against a newly regenerated database) to fail
with different errors (v1.7: "ImportError: No module named utils"; v1.8:
"Field defines a relation with model 'UserSocialAuth', which is either
not installed, or is abstract"; v1.9: "Table 'weblate.trans_project'
doesn't exist"; v1.10/v1.11: "ImportError: No module named aggregates").

While it is to be expected that newer versions of the modules might not
work in case they have been published after Weblate v2.4 had been
released, it is beyond me why Django v1.7 does not work (well, to be
exact, it clearly looks as if the code actually references the "utils"
(sub) module which did not exist for Django 1.7, which means that the
versioned requirements are wrong/not precise enough/incomplete in the
first place); I found a number of explanations on Github regarding
similar error messages, but not a single solution based on a clean
checkout of Weblate v2.4/tar ball v2.4 based installation.

It would be highly appreciated if the above scenario could be
documented. For newer releases, it would also be helpful to not only
include a "requirements[-optional].txt" file, but also a version which
*explicitly* mentions the module versions a given release has been
tested with. Even better, it would be great to be able to always import
old "dumpdata" exports (it makes no sense to blindly assume that it
could work unless this is a documented feature).

Kind regards, Markus

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