For https, the example with token should work, see

For git, you need to use keys, see our docs:


The SOCIAL_AUTH_* fields are for authentication of users in Weblate.

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bruno.darrig...@orange.com píše v Út 27. 03. 2018 v 10:56 +0000:
> Hi
> I use weblate in an local docker service but i have an issue when
> push updates to my github repo.
> I already tried  différents url in push repo url :
> https://user:pasw...@github.com/brusand/project.git
> https://user:to...@github.com/brusand/project.git
> git:user:pasw...@github.com/brusand/project.git
> git:user:to...@github.com/brusand/project.git
> May I missed something ? (I use git to push updates outside of
> weblate and works fine)
> Have you some samples ?
> Best regards
> Bruno
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