> On 21. 9. 2016, at 6:10 AM, Chuck Hill <> wrote:
> I bet Alice was a developer too.

Beware the EOF, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Looks like I have found the culprit — seems it was the very log of the 
committed snapshot. It looks like that if one calls e.g.,

> eo.editingContext().committedSnapshotForObject(eo)

at the wrong moment — which did happen to me originally (solely for the logging 
purposes, darnit!), and the more logs I have added, the worse it got — one of 
the not-quite-presumed side-effects of that would be that the snapshots do not 
get properly recorded anymore for eo. Quadruple weird!

When I have removed all the committedSnapshotForObject calls, it starts to run 
properly for all the M:N's, without a glitch. Adding logs immediately 
pre-saveChanges (it seems to be safe at the moment), the snapshot proved to be 
right; and saveChanges sends only the inserts it should.

Matter of fact, we even have bumped to (another presentation of) the very same 
problem some time ago, to wit:

> On 28. 2. 2015, at 7:54 PM, Chuck Hill <> wrote:
> Ah, Schrödinger’s EOF. :-P  Observing some things can materially change the 
> state of EOF.   Calling this method calls ec.committedSnapshotForObject() 
> which causes the EC to record the committed snapshot for the object at that 
> point in time.  Normally this is done only at the point the EO first changes.


Thanks a very big lot for all the help,

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