> Am 07.08.2017 um 01:45 schrieb Theodore Petrosky <tedp...@yahoo.com>:
> Ubuntu….. I only ever use Centos.
> where does wotaskd.woa and javamonitor.woa live? did you chown them after 
> they were installed? So that they will run with the appserver:appserveradm 
> user. Check and make sure.

They run like that.

> you said you disabled all the references to ‘cgi-bin’. Personally I would 
> make it work as the instructions say, then start playing around with removing 
> that kind of stuff.

The instructions don’t say how the rest of the apache config has to look like.

The default httpd.conf has references to the default cgi-bin directory and adds 
a script alias for it.

On Ubuntu, that threw-off webobjects. In any case, 

But, because I looked at the startup-script again, I realized that I had 
changed it previously (by request of the application-administrator) to make 
wotaskd listen on the first IP of the server, instead of

Once I changed that in the apache webobjects configuration, it actually started 
to work.

I had forgotten about that change.
I have to ask him, if he still needs it.


Best Regards

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