Hi Stavros,

You can install the build-essential and apache-dev packages within Ubuntu and then compile and install the sources as root like:

change the terminal to root

# su -

Or you have to use "sudo":

# sudo -H gnome-terminal

Go to the source folder of mod_webobjects

# cd sourcefolder_of_module
# make
# cd Apache2.4
# cp mod_WebObjects.so /etc/httpd/modules/.

The path to the Apache install can differ, it is also /etc/apache2 a possible folder, but there should be always a module folder. You have to look into your installation.

Change the settings for SELinux, if it is enabled:

# semanage fcontext -a -t httpd_modules_t "/etc/httpd/modules(/.*)?"
# restorecon -R -v /etc/httpd/modules

Modify the path to the modules folders again (in example /etc/apache2 instead /etc/httpd).

Restart the service:

# systemctl restart httpd


# service httpd restart

It is also possible, that the Apache service is named as "apache2".

Good luck

Am 04.02.2018 09:12, schrieb Stavros Panidis:
Dear all,

Where can I download mod_WebObjects.so for Ubuntu?

Stavros Panidis
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