I wrote a working EPR in my spare time and WebObjects (and Project Wonder),
as I have said before, has been a critical component in making that

It took me a only a day of work to re-skin my entire application to a more
modern and responsive look, and I posted some information about it on
Twitter - https://twitter.com/mwardle/status/962714288120098816

The feedback has been extraordinarily positive and of course, the
underlying technology used isn't as important as what it enables.

WebObjects continues to be a powerful enabler for me to develop rapid
pieces of functionality and is a super technology to write server-side code
for ResearchKit clients on iOS. Combining clinician-data with data sourced
from patients using questionnaires using ERRest has been... trivial. I
don't think any of us know how to best make use of mobile device data, but
I'm glad I'm still using WO as it means I can iterate at speed and do it as
a hobby!

The design patterns and overall architecture are still fit-for-purpose in
this day and age of microservices and single-page applications. I still
haven't found a set of tools that work so well and permit such rapid
development and orchestration of complex business logic and data, usually
sourced from multiple other services.

I write this for two reasons...

1. Apple, if anyone from there is still subscribed to this mailing list,
you have made a mistake in ignoring and not developing this technology.
You really should think about about how WO could be developed as a
technology to make iOS and server-side services interact seamlessly.

2. As a thank you to a great community who have provided fantastic tools
and frameworks on top of the Apple provided services and made working with
it a pleasure. While the community is very small nowadays, there is still
tremendous value in the toolchain.

Thank you!

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